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String Bass Rental (Select a Different Instrument)

The bass is the largest of the orchestral string instruments. It plays the lowest notes of all the string instruments and players typically hold the bass upright and stand beside it to play. Bag and bow included.

Bass Starter Pack Includes: Dark Rosin, Finger Tape, Wood Cloth, Pencil - $11.95

Choose the correct size!

Basses come in a variety of sizes and if you don't have the right size it just doesn't feel good – just like shoes! It's best to check with your child's orchestra teacher or come into one of our stores to determine the correct size, but if you're unable to do either of these, then please use the sizing chart below. You can usually select the correct size based on the height of the player. If your child happens to be in-between sizes, choose the smaller size.

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Bass size:
Player's Height:

string bass double bass contrabass 1/4 size

Under 5' 3"

string bass double bass contrabass 1/2 size

5' 3" - 5' 6"

string bass double bass contrabass 3/4 size

5' 7" +


Type of Rental: Standard only, $74.95/mo.

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