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Viola Rental (Select a Different Instrument)

The viola is an orchestral string instrument made out of wood. It looks like a violin and is played in the same manner, but it is slightly larger and produces lower notes. Case and bow included.


Viola Starter Pack Includes: Dark Rosin, Finger Tape, Wood Cloth, Pencil - $11.95

Measurement Diagram

Choose the correct size!

Violas come in a variety of sizes and if you don't have the right size it just doesn't feel good – just like shoes! It's best to check with your child's orchestra teacher or come into one of our stores to determine the correct size, but if you're unable to do either of these, then please use the sizing chart below with the following instructions.

To determine the proper size of instrument we need to measure the distance between the player's neck and the middle of their upward-facing open palm when the arm is straightened out and parallel to the ground.

This measurement will tell you the proper size when you look at the chart. If your child happens to be in-between sizes, choose the smaller size.

Because violas are a specialty item, we will contact you with delivery information. Please give the viola size information for the player to us when we call.


Click to choose your instrument size:

Viola size:
Arm length:

viola 11 inch

18 in.

viola 12 inch

20 in.

viola 13 inch

21 1/2 in.

viola 14 inch

23 in.


Viola size:
Arm length:

viola 15 inch

24 1/2 in.

viola 15.5 inch

25 in.

viola 16 inch

26 in.

viola 16.5 inch

27 1/4+ in.


Type of Rental: Standard only, $22.95/mo.

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